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Ampah Tivakam BA Hons

Designer and Maker of environment-enhancing products, particulary unique, hand-made lighting

My name is Ampah Tivakam.  I was born in a village in northern Thailand, close to the border with Laos and spoke only the language of my birth up to the age of 14.  I re-located to the UK in 1997 and, after settling in England, I had just a few years to learn English, come to terms with the culture and complete a formal school education to the level where I could enter university.  During 2005, I graduated with a First Class Honours degree from the Kent Institute of Art and Design.

Now based in Bermuda, I am a designer of bespoke lighting solutions for home and commercial locations.  I offer both design and manufacture of the product, on a commission basis, to customers anywhere in the world.

Although I have been concentrating on the creation of lighting, my degree is in Applied and Decorative Arts so I am happy to discuss the design of any product, using any material, to which I can apply my unique creative ability.


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